Surrey case study

We were involved with a client who required hosting four times a day. For a while our Live-in Companion/Carer happily worked alongside domiciliary carers who visited and assisted as this needed two people to safely complete each transfer. However, due to their workload the arrival time of the domiciliary carers was unpredictable and this heavily impacted our clients quality of life and their ability to live the way they wished.

Some days they would be awoken and hoisted much earlier in the day than they would prefer. Sometimes the gap between manoeuvres was very short, no sooner had they been hoisted and made comfortable in their chair they had to accept being hoisted back to bed as this was the only time the domiciliary cares were available. The final manoeuvre back to bed was often much earlier in the evening than they wished.

Our solution offered and accepted by the Client and their family was to have two Live-in Companions/Carers from us who worked alongside each other and, as they were in-situ at all times, were able to offer the client a daily routine that met their needs and preferences. No longer worried about arrival time of external carers our Client was much happier.

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