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Caring Companions (UK) Ltd is always looking for people with good care skills, unbeatable integrity and reliability, and the ability to keep a cool head in emergencies.

Being a Companion/Carer is a rewarding career. Helping to empower, raise self-esteem and give confidence to the client, and above all, enhancing their quality of life. Caring Companions (UK) Ltd will help you to make a difference.

Please take the time to consider the registration points below or by downloading and reading the document at the foot of the page before applying to register with us.

If you are willing and able to comply with these points then please contact us so that we can send our registration documents.

Should you have any questions on the points below please contact us. We will be happy to help.

Companion/Carer Registration Points

Thank you for your interest in registering as a self-employed Companion/Carer with Caring Companions (UK) Ltd.

We are proud to have gained an excellent reputation for the service we provide and for the high calibre of the Companion/Carers accepted on to our register.

To maintain these high standards the registration process is rigorous and can take up to six weeks. Please take the time to consider the following points before applying to register with us.

Should you have any questions on the points below please call us on (01978) 752800 or e-mail, we will be happy to help.

1. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

All Companion/Carers on our register must have an Enhanced Disclosure from the DBS.

Unless you are registered with the DBS Update Service you will have to undergo a DBS check even if you have had one within the last year. This is because these
checks are not portable unless you are registered with the DBS Update Service.

Please contact us for further information if you require a new DBS.

2. Employment History & References

We require employment history for the previous 10 years with a full explanation for any gaps in employment.

We require the names and contact details of at least four referees from the last two years, two work and two character.

Family and friends are not acceptable as referees.


3. Employment Status

Companion/Carers on our register are self-employed and are responsible for their own Tax and National Insurance payments.

The Agency requires your Unique Taxpayer Reference number (UTR) issued to you by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).


4. Training and Qualifications

All Companion/Carers are required to have in-date certificates in the following subjects.

Manual Handling of People First Aid
Food Preparation and Hygiene Safe Administration of Medicine Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Unless an expiry date is stated on a certificate and expiry date of 12 months after the issue date will be assumed.

Online course certificates are acceptable for Food Preparation, Safe Administration of Medicine and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults. However, Manual Handling of People and First Aid certificates must be gained via attendance of a practical taught course. Each course must be a full one day course on each subject.

Caring Companions (UK) Ltd regularly run fully accredited training courses in Manual Handling of People. Please contact us for further details.

It would be beneficial to your application if you have, or are in the process of obtaining, an NVQ level 2 or 3 in Care or a QCF level 2 in Health and Social Care (Adults).


5. Carers Liability Insurance

To be accepted on our register you must carry your own Carers Public Liability Insurance, and be able to provide your policy number to the Agency.

Caring Companions (UK) Ltd have negotiated preferential rates with a company who can provide up to £5 Million in cover should a client make a claim against you. Please contact us for further details.


6. Length of Service

Due to the on-going nature of the posts available and our full commitment to
providing continuous care to our clients, we ask that you are able to commit for at
least 18 months to two years. Our rotas are on a one to three week basis, with two weeks on/two weeks off being the most common.


7. Non British Passport Holders

We require a copy of your passport and Work Permit if you are not a British Passport holder.

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